This late 20's bachelor is tired of being single and will kiss as many frogs as it takes to find his princess. He lives with his two delinquent friends, Dan and Ted, who guide him as he dives head first into the shallow end of the pool of romance. His quest will lead him down a strange path; one girl is literally dying to sleep with him, while another is simply setting him up for a class project. Can one guy survive this many bad dates and still find true love?
This guy is all hair gel and player power. He never messes with less than a handful of girls at once, and only when they don't interfere with his hobbies - drinking, dancing and talking shit to his roommates. His trashy fashion statements are amplified by his big mouth and shameless strutting. He thinks he knows everything about women, but could the ultimate bachelor lose the final game in the battle of the sexes?
This laid-back gamer is a self-proclaimed supercool nerd. He is never without a controller in his hands and a quick response on his tongue. He doesn't live for the game; the game lives for him. And still he finds time for the ladies, even though he dresses straight out of his grandpa's closet. He thinks the answer to the question of love is the pause button, but could it be true that the right girl won't wait forever?
This girl has a secret. Between guarding the mailbox and running her late grandmother's business out of her basement, she doesn't have time for love. She is quiet, but don't mistake her pensive aloofness for shyness. She has a story to tell, just give her time. But will the strange creatures in her house scare away her one shot at happiness?